Friday, 20 January 2017

When Will God's Kingdom Comes?

 World over there is constant increase of crime,crisis,war,sicknesses,homelessness, lack of quality food,insecurity, unemployment, and many other disheartening situations. Although many human government are doing their best, yet the condition of things are getting worst by the day.
  The question many ask then is,when will the promised God's kingdom come and put an end to all human suffering?
  While on earth,when Jesus Christ gave the clue as to when the kingdom will come. At matt 24:3-14, the bible mentioned composite sign that will mark the conclusion of this present system and the ruling of the kingdom. Some of the sign he mentioned are already having their fulfilment. These include increase in lawlessness, war,crisis, food shortage and pestilences.and in vers 14,he spoke of the world wide preaching work.with the SCOP of all these happening today,it become very obvious that God's kingdom is very close at hand.
  Giving more details that will mark the conclusion of the world and the beginning of the kingdom rulership, apostle Paul stated this in 2 Timothy 3:1-5. ' that men would be lovers of themselves, lovers of money,not open to any agreement...... Having a form of Godly appearance but proving force to it power.
  All that is mentioned in that account are having their fulfilment today,which clearly show that we are in the final days of the last is the time for us all to do our Best to study about Jehovah so as to gain the accurate knowledge of God's word,and live in line with his laws and principal. John 17:3,so that when this system of things come to its end,we will be among those who will enjoy Jehovah's promised future blessings.
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