Saturday, 28 January 2017


Who Do You Think........?
*Someone Else?
The bible assured us at (James 1:13-15)that God cannot act wickedly,and that there is no trace of evil with Jehovah God.think of it,if God is the one controlling the world and every affair that is going on in our lives,will there be so many crisis,evil acts,suffering and pains that we face today? Definitely No.
  Who, then, really controls the world? 1john 5:19 clearly says " The evil one controls the whole world. And 1 john 3:8 tells us that the son of God destroy the evil one's work. The New Century Version, rendered that 1 john 3:8 as " The Son of God destroy the devil's work." Does that not make sense? Satan is wicked and cruel,so the world under his influence reflect his qualities.(read also Revelation 12:12)
  But there is Good news. Jehovah will not allow the evil one to oppress us forever. In fact soon,he will bring and end to satan and his wicked world and all those who take side with him. God promise us in  Psalms 72:13,14 that "He will have pity on the lowly and poor...from the oppression and violence he will rescue them."  And we are very much convinced his promises must come to pass.
 what will the world be like after satan has being removed? Find the Answers in the Bible at: PSALMS 37:10,11 and REVELATION 21:3,4.
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